...and the particularly tricky zebra.

Catchy start.

For years I have been toying with the idea of ​​writing. The ideas differ from day to day. Will it be a children's book or a novel? Am I going to teach the world how best to work inefficiently? Or should I tell you about all the animals that live around the corner? Oh yes, and I can draw quite well too, so I'll illustrate the story too, right?


All fun and of course, all worthwhile and bestsellers in the making. It's just a pity that the harsh curse of my twisted creativity is the overload of ideas within which choosing and making decisions is no less difficult than persuading a walrus to trade one of its tusks for a pair of ear muffs. So postponement and procrastination and more ideas and even more postponement and then finally the inevitable cancellation. However?


Mark with his big mouth.

No, maybe not! The fact that you are reading this now is proof that I did it after all (#proud #sothatwasunexpected). It may not be one of the options named earlier, in fact it is not even a book, but it is written! As it is also a start of something. Or not by the way ... We'll see.


Anyway, more importantly; how did I finally manage to get into the (digital) pen and actually write something that you are currently reading (and also enjoy, I hope ...)? That is because of Mark, with his big mouth.


Mark-with-his-big-mouth is my partner. Together we founded our design agency Peerdrops a long time ago (relatively then), and Mark is a star in reminding me every day that I should “finish sh * t” and “just do something! ”. The hierarchy within Peerdrops is in short that Mark (with his big mouth) puts me to work, and I get work done. And so it happened that he came to me (which is actually never really pleasant) to tell me that I always have such a big mouth (even though it is him who has that) that I want to write so badly, but as usually do not do **** about it, so he made it an assignment. For my own good, that idea.


Blog and multiply.

And so my writing had suddenly become work. The assignment was quite clear; write an article about our first assignment for Amersfoort Zoo, and let that be our start of a blog for our company. Blogging is useful. Blogging works.


Fine, I will. First Google what exactly a blog is (preparation is everything), then came up with my catchy title (also very important) and then write about something completely different and leave the title.

Was to be expected Mark, you have been sitting opposite me for almost 6 years (right, now more than 9 years but I didn't publish this blog after writing just to be sure to waste some more time ...) so you should know me a bit by now.


Next time I will declare the title and I will carry out your assignment, because I think I should enjoy this piece first. Right ..?

Oh yes and according to Google (because yes, I really looked it up) this is the place to add a nice action point. So for those who want to have the title of this week (/ month / season, ... what will it be) explained earlier, here is the project that Mark actually wanted to write this piece about.



... and its way to true succes

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