Okae for Kids

Job description

Develop the branding for the new organic children's brand Okae for Kids.


1 logo & 4 happy teas

In addition to designing the logo and corporate identity, we were also allowed to get started with the very first product: children's tea! We designed the packaging for four delicious flavors, completely in line with the corporate identity and appealing to children.

What we did

Hot tubs!

After we drawn the teacup and the ingredients of Strawberry Spa, we came to the conclusion that it really looked like the apple and strawberry were relaxing in a warm bath! We liked this idea so much that the tea names are also derived from it.

Ontwerp concepten logo Okae for Kids

The first logo concepts.

Logo Okae for Kids

The chosen logo and icons.

Apple Pie Pool thee voor kinderen

The final packaging.

Apple Pie Pool biologisch thee
Okae for Kids Strawberry Spa thee
Strawberry Spa thee voor kinderen Okae
Lemon Lagoon Okae for Kids thee
Lemon Lagoon Okae for Kids thee
Mangoes tea tub Okae for Kids thee
Mangoes Tea Tub Okae for Kids thee biologisch cafeinevrij suikervrij
verpakkingen Okae for Kids theesmaken biologische fruitthee suikervrij