Educational object


Six charities

6 different goals come together in the object; Jane Goodall Institute, Red Panda Institute, World Land Trust India, Plastic Soup Foundation, Polar Bears International and Green Balkans. Listen to the stories of Jane Goodall, clean up the beach and learn about red pandas.

Testing at the office

Sometimes you come up with games that use everyday equipment that has to be tested before we apply it to the object. For example, for this project we tested the blowing force of a number of fans using waste from the trash can. Also caused the boys a lot of chaos in the office playing with the pegs for the plastic soup game.

Design | Realization | Result

Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 12.29.56.png

Concept sketch - layout of the object.

Design | Realization | Result

Dierenrijk Educatie meubel layout

The design of the object divided into 6 different parts for all charities

Schermafbeelding 2019-11-22 om 10.55.01.

A memory game for the Red Panda Institute.

World Land Trust-01.png

Help the elephants find their way back.

What solution helps fixing what threat to the polar bears?

Design | Realization | Result

Dierenrijk Educatiemeubel goede doelen

The object with 6 different games.

Red Panda Institute Dierenrijk educatie meubel
Polar Bears International Dierenrijk educatiemeubel
Plastic Soup Foundation Dierenrijk educatie meubel

Use the pegs to clean up the beach.