The Dune Campus


Playfully learning through the Duincampus

Through games, treasure hunts and many interactive objects you can learn while running, jumping, searching, reading and wondering about everything this beautiful area has to offer with regard to nature, history and water extraction.

Challenge accepted!

We want to connect the Erwtenand, a transparent view of the water extraction, two listening horns, and search and detection tree trunks through one concept .

Design | Realization | Result

Conceptschets Dunea Duincampus objecten

Concept sketch - Various objects for the dune campus

Design | Realization | Result

Dunea Duincampus 'ik spring als een...' object

Sketch for the 'I jump like a ...' object

Dunea Duincampus luisterhoorn

Design for the listening horns.

Dunea Duincampus Erwtenland

The layout of the Erwtenland with different play objects.

Dunea Duincampus informatie

The information slide at the beginning of the dune campus.

Dunea Duincampus informatieruif bouw

Building the information sign.

Dunea Duincampus bouw picknictafel

The picnic table without the game elements.

Dunea Duincampus bouw luisterhoorn objecten

The listening horns are delivered on location.

Design | Realization | Result

Dunea Duincampus welkomstbord

Welcome to the dune campus.

Dunea Duincampus

The information slider is used immediately.

Dunea Duincampus informatieruif
Dunea Duincampus informatie borden
Dunea Duincampus informatieborden

Information signs at various locations throughout the dune campus with additional facts about the area.

Dunea Duincampus luisterhoorns

There are two listening horns scattered throughout the park.

Dunea duincampus luisterhoorns
Dunea Duincampus zoek- en speurkastjes
Dunea Duincampus

Enthusiastic searchers and investigators.

Dunea Duincampus
Dunea Duincampus Erwtenland
Dunea Duincampus Erwtenland

Discover the dune campus while running, jumping and playing. 

Dunea Duincampus waterwinning scroll

The scroll with information about water extraction in the area.

Dunea Duincampus spel picknicktafel

The picnic table with different games.

Dunea Duincampus speurtocht
Dunea Duincampus speurtochten

A lot of brain power is being used to earn a dune diploma.

Epilogue :)

We cannot remember the last time one of our projects was opened so festively. With mayor, a lot of children (including our own, which is extra special of course :-)) and a lot of tasty snacks that had our printed drawings on top, it was a real party! Great fun and thanks Dunea for that!

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Panorama panels