The Prehistoric Museum

Job description

Develop various graphics for our museum.

What we did

Ontwerp Peerdrops
Detailering Peerdrops
Realisatie Peerdrops


Amber good decals! 

We started with the decals. First with 1, but there are so many iconic dinosaurs that we made a series of them. We have extended the style to brochure and (future) website. The map at the front of the brochure must of course be clearly legible and we have therefore kept it less iconic.

Well, drawing dinosaurs...

And you can call that your job. So that is absolutely the highest attainable work in the primary schools of our children as it turned out :)

Tekenstudio Peerdrops
Plattegrond Het Oertijdmuseum Peerdrops

Also view the other maps that we have been able to realize:

Map DierenPark Amersfoort