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About the friendly garden

A garden is of course not only for us, but also for our nature friends. We want together to ensure that gardens are environmentally friendly. That is good for plants and animals, but also for the people in the neighborhood. The environment becomes more beautiful, healthier and cozier. And with small adjustments you can already make a big difference! We have made four fun garden check cards, with which you can discover whether hedgehogs, amphibians, birds or wild plants are happy with your garden. Of course you can also check gardens in the neighborhood with your class if the residents would allow this. The more friendly gardens the better! There are approximately 56,000 hectares of garden in the Netherlands. That's three and a half times the size of Texel! And we have not even included balconies. When added together, our front and back gardens are an enormous habitat for plants and animals.

Garden inspectors wanted!

As a real garden inspector, you go through your favorite garden check card and find out whether you really are dealing with a Friendly Garden! Begin at the blue start and follow the green route to your goal. With every red outcome, the yellow exit will give you simple tips to get back on the green path! Yay! And for those tips you really don't need a green thumb or a lot of money!

Design | Realization | Result

IVN vriendelijke tuin concept

How exactly does the concept work?

Ontwerp | Bouw | Resultaat

IVN vriendelijke tuin schets

First, a sketch is made for the garden check cards.

IVN vriendelijke tuin amfibie

And this is what it will look like.

IVN vriendelijke tuin bordjes

And if your garden is friendly you will get such a nice sign.

Design | Realization | Result

IVN vriendelijke tuin vogel vriendelijke tuin

Where will the bird friendly garden sign go?

IVN vriendelijke tuin

Beautiful as a trio on the fence. A few small adjustments and then that fourth can also be added.

IVN vriendelijke tuin

Or in the backyard.

Epilogue :)

Do you want to join? Then go to . Here you can download a garden check card for free. Do you meet all the criteria? Then quickly place a sign in your garden and proudly show that you have a beautiful hedgehog, amphibian, bird or wild plant friendly garden!

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