Job description

Develop a scavenger hunt for children of different ages (4-12yrs).


Mini bird atlas discovery tour

You inspire and teach children with beautiful products, catchy texts, humor and creativity. At least, that's how we think about it. That's why we incorporated all these things into the quest for Avifauna. The result has become a small atlas, which is full of assignments and questions and which is worth keeping.

What we did

Analyse Peerdrops
Concept Peerdrops
Ontwerp Peerdrops
Realisatie Peerdrops
Detailering Peerdrops

Writing passion!

We were also allowed to write the texts for this assignment. Very nice because copywriting is an ambition that we have had for some time and have now been able to put into practice for the first time.

Tekenstudio Peerdrops
Ontwerplab Peerdrops
Ideetabase Peerdrops
Speurtocht Ontdekkingstocht Vogelpark Avifauna Peerdrops

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