WBWL Explorer

Municipalities of Steenbergen and Bergen op Zoom

An app with the Peerdrops factor

In our app WBWL Explorer, the area of the West Brabant Waterline is digitally under water. With every visit you play new parts dry. In addition, you can expand your knowledge of the area with thematic quiz questions for which you will be rewarded with animal medals, search for recreational entrepreneurs and experience routes.

The adventures of Joanie and Wiebel!

During the project we organized a competition in which primary school children could submit the idea for a mascot for the area. Joanie won with her drawing and thus laid the foundation for Wiebel.

Design | Video | Result

Schets WBWL-explorer

Step 1 - Brainstorm with pen and paper to create a concept.

Design | Video | Result

Discover the whole concept quickly with our animation.

Design | Video | Result

WBWL-Explorer App

This is the most beautiful salamander living in the Netherlands. At least, that's our opinion.


Screens. Screens. Screens

WBWL-Explorer Informatiebord

In the app you will find four cycling and walking routes. At the starting points you will find these information boards including DigitalPostcard.

WBWL-explorer Wiebel merchandise

Wiebel is the new mascot of the WBWL and of course he also has a number of products.

Epilogue :)

The app offers information in various themes to appeal to the widest possible target group . The first themes are West Brabant Waterline, architecture, nature and children's mix (with Wiebel). In the coming years we want to add various themes.


Whether you receive basic information or a quiz question depends on your location. If you are in the area at a highlight, you will receive a quiz question. Are you elsewhere? You get information. So you can only unlock medals if you are actually discovering the area!